To see a volcano up close someday.

To stand on the precipice of a magnanimous giant of an ancient world. A founding majesty of life and ever present reminder of quite how radical it all is.

I had pondered the idea of how we tap into the feeling of oneness and sharing. Not just sharing with brother and sister, but sharing with all things. The bird in the sky, the leaf on the tree, the whale in the ocean, the rock in the desert, the very fabric that is life. Then came the notion of sharing with all things right down to the very fibers of existence, we are one in the same. To exist as one.

So to stand at the edge of the volcano. To appreciate it for all that it is, has been and will be. To acknowledge and respect it. To feel it physically and on every level of vibration.

To come away from that experience, tapped into the beating pulse of knowing we are all here together, we share what we are with something as powerful as that on a level we see and many that we don’t.

Appreciation, respect and awe.

A Dragonfly & the Volcano.

We had most excellent conversations last night that gave me all sorts of brain food. I wrote and wrote with such clarity. All the funs.

In other news, i walked along the river path on my lunch break and came across a half crushed dragonfly. A foot squish of all things. Grrr. I un-crumpled my lunch receipt and scooped it up. I don’t like that that happened, but i am super grateful it was on my chosen path to see. A perfect beginning for my long awaited start of my field journal I’ve been so desperate to start (it was the how!). So little dragonfly, you’re time is not wasted.

I’m unsure of the species yet, the sex or anything at all but it looks epic. A four winged helicopter stunt pilot of the sky. When i was little i was obsessed that someone had seen one and copied it to invent a helicopter.

Still, here begins my recorded journey. Pretty excited about that.





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